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Let’s Work, Be Proud develops Vitality, Training and Coaching programmes that foster a sense of pride in employees across the Netherlands and beyond. Each of our customized programmes are designed to encourage workers to take charge of their health, improve their lifestyle through exercise and healthier habits, and develop a positive mindset. Our approach is to provide coaching and training services to those employees who need it most, as this ensures that everyone involved reaps the greatest benefits.


The pandemic-induced uptick in hybrid working practices has created an international workplace trend, where the office serves increasingly and sometimes exclusively as a meeting place to interact with colleagues instead of a daily work environment.


However, due to factors such as high turnover of talent in many organizations, you’re left with a problematic situation of employees who don’t really know their co-workers. Longestablished and well-loved workplace traditions such as leaving-dos, retirement parties, anniversary celebrations, team recognition award ceremonies, corporate running events, and so on, were either cancelled over the past two years or held with only part of the team. This is set to remain unchanged in 2022 and beyond, as with so many people alternating between home and the office, it can be hard to get everybody in the same physical space. The upshot is that a growing number of workers will no longer automatically feel a strong connection to their organization.


Besides offering people more freedom, working remotely has also created its share of ‘invisible’ pressure that workers are not always able to share with others – to the point where work-related pressure continues to increase throughout the Netherlands and beyond.


We believe we have a solution: short, effective group training sessions designed to improve employee wellness and make them feel more connected to their co-workers. Since excellent and high-functioning teams know each other well and are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, all our programmes always target both individual workers and the team process.

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